Are your ancestors originally from Poland, Ukraine, or Russia? Visit Krakow! This beautiful Rennaissance town, will share with you all the richness that stems from the multicultural influences covering German, Russian, Austrian and Jewish culture. Drink a cup of tea prepared with Samovar at your hotel room or taste a Silesien herring with a potato kugel while listening to a klezmer band.

The atmosphere of Krakow will bring you to an armchair of your great-grandparents, dreaming of a time of kings, princesses, Jewish peddlers and Jewish chochems, the time before the Shoa or Nuclear bomb.

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Some of the sites you'll visit...

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Visiting our neighbour Krakow

Old Synagogue

REMU Synagogue in Kazimierz

Wawel Castle

Historical background

The main square of the town a former market is dominated by a rennaissance Town Hall with shops representing goods of every different Polish city. From the market all the charming medieval streets lead to a park surroundig the town as there used to be a moat. Some lead to the Castle Vavel, some to Kazimierz, the Jewish town. In Kazimierz are numbers of medieval synagogues, Jewish houses, Mikvah building, two Jewish cemetaries, picturesque restaurants and cafés, Jewish cultural house, galleries, shops, antiquities. Over the river is Podgórze district, where Oscar Schindler had his factory. Now it is one of the best museums of the WWll period in Central Europe with a hint of the Communist era as well.

Let us go together to a modern vibral city with an atmosphere of fairytales, smell of cinnamon and taste of milk and honey.

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