Bohemian Glass Artists‘ Town

Visit the North Bohemian glass artists’ town where you will learn about the technology of cast, blown and fused glass. This is not a visit to a commercial factory, rather a visit to an artist center and galleries belonging to the best Czech glass masters. Different routes are taken in either direction to maximize viewing of the beautiful landscapes of Northern Bohemia.

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Some of the sites you'll visit...

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The procedure of the technology of the blown glass.

Vase – metallurgy glass

What all the contemporary glass artists keeps as a treasure is this story

To make a red glass is extremly expensive, since the colour is based on gold. When Friedrich Egermann, known as the King of Glass, was a student, he was supposed to bring beer, prepare snack and clean the workshop and yard for his teacher. The yard was protected by dogs. He put leftovers of the hot glass at some place in the yard. The dog poopped on the glass and the glass turned red. Egermann’s friend a pharmacist came to make few chemical tests of the „precious object“ and so the mystery of a red glass was found.

Facts, Myths and FAQs

As many of the famous Czech glass artists have their studios in this town, their art is presented and sold to the clients directly.

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Bohemian Glass Artists‘ Town

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Bohemian Glass Artists‘ Town

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