Wittmann Tours

Sylvie Wittmann’s been giving tours of Jewish sites since 1986, later establishing Wittmann Tours as a private company in 1990. Sylvie was the first ever to organize tours that focused exclusively on the former Jewish ghetto in Terezín (Theresienstadt).

Jitka Davidová, native of Prague, joined Wittmann Tours in 1996. She started out as an administrative assistant, and worked her way up to become an office manager, as well as a director of operations and finance. When Wittmann Tours became a Limited company in 2003, Jitka joined Sylvie as a co-owner of the firm.

The company’s good reputation leans also on excellent and respectful team-cooperation with our guides.



Wittmann Tours is the most experienced Jewish tour guide service in Central Europe – providing tours of Jewish Prague, Czech Republic and neighbour countries like Germany or Poland.