Sylvie Wittmann

Born in the North Bohemian city of Liberec and educated in Prague (Art History and silverware restoration), she made her first steps in tourism in the early 1980s. Sylvie was the first ever to organize tours that focused exclusively on the former Jewish ghetto in Terezín (Theresienstadt).

Sylvie’s strong commitment to Jewish revival in Central Europe also served as an impetus for the foundation of Prague’s first liberal congregation, Bejt Simcha, in 1991. Established in cooperation with Rabbi Joan Friedman (currently in Carleton College, MN), the new-born congregation aimed to serve the needs of Prague’s re-emerging Jewish community—a community that had nearly vanished as a result of the Nazi persecution and 40 years of repressive Communist governments.

One of Sylvie’s main aspirations is to bring Czech Jews back to the abandoned synagogues in Prague and across the Czech Republic.

Besides guiding tours, Sylvie gives lectures in the Cultural and Educational Center of Prague’s Jewish Museum, Pilsen and Liberec Jewish Communities; she sits on the board of the Czech Federation of Jewish Communities; and teaches the Bar/Bat Mitzvah class in Bejt Elend afternoon-school.

Sylvie’s family history is described in the book “A Hole in the Heart of the World” by Jonathan Kaufman, Penguin’s Book, 1997

A Word from Sylvie…

Shalom everyone,

So we have a new season to look forward to—the air smells of spring, the castles and gardens are slowly reopening, and the desire to travel and see new places is also reawakened.

For those who noticed and for those who didn’t, we have a new website to go along with the new season. You will find some new content and information (new tours and services), as well as new form and design. Hopefully, all this would enable us to deliver better information and services, and eventually make your traveling experience with us even better.

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