Our Guides

Wittmann Tours’ guides come from a variety of backgrounds, each contributing a specific knowledge to their enthusiastic work.


Jonáš is a doctoral candidate in protestant Theology. He is a native of Prague and so far he has happily spent most of his life here. He also stayed for a couple of his childhood years in Romania and later studied in Jerusalem and at several universities across Germany. His current fields of interest are Jewish theology at the time of Maharal of Prague, Franz Kafka and Prague of his time, and the second half of the 1950s. He is currently writing a novel that takes place in 1949, mostly in a Bavarian village close to the Czechoslovakian border.


Vida is a board member of the Jewish Community in Prague and leading a children theatre there for many years. She organized cultural programs for the kids at the Jewish Community Center and also participate at various festivals of the Jewish culture. Very often they are playing with the theatre in newly restored synagogues outside Prague to return a little Jewish life to these buildings and introduce to others from this country the Jewish history and tradition. Last year Vida made a CD with songs for Jewish holidays with the children from Jewish school.

She wrote two books for children - Lonesome Palace and Stories from Midrash.

Her father was survivor of Terezin and Auschwitz.


Amalka is a young mother of three and was born in Prague in 1986. After spending a couple of years studying at a private high school she learn about her Jewish roots and graduated at the Lauder School in Prague. About that time Amalka started giving tours of the Jewish Quarter. Her Hebrew studies continued at Charles University, Faculty of Philosophy.

For years Amalka tried to combine her family life and her studies and on the way found a passion for social work and spent some time working for the Jewish community of Prague taking care of and assisting the elderly (especially Shoah survivors).

Having three little kids requires a flexible job and because she's always enjoyed giving tours Amalka recieved her certificate and is now a licensed guide for both Prague and the Jewish museum.

She loves literature, history, underground music, listening to her grandmother's stories about her experience in the anti-communist movement, searching for records used in her family tree and of course spending time with her family.


I have been working as a guide for two decades. I used to be a teacher at the same time but finally I decided to focus fully on guiding. I was born in Prague where I still live. I grew up in Communist Czechoslovakia. My father was a disident, so I knew that I would not be allowed to study at university. (I got my degree after the Velvet revolution.) Thanks to my family background I could meet many interesting people from political opposition against the Communist regime, who later became famous politicians including presidents.

I've always been interested in history, and especially in the Jewish one, which was also part of my studies. It is no surprise then that I am mainly focused on Jewish Prague, to which I have a very personal relationship. In addition to my work, I have a lot of hobbies, such as traveling, playing theater and singing in a band with my husband. I have two children.


I have been guiding more than 30 years because I started to guide already during my studies before the Velvet revolution. After finishing the University I became a freelance guide for foreign visitors in CR and Czech people travelling abroad (Greece, Crete, France, Italy, Israel and many other countries). As I travelled quite often, I also wrote some historical and geographical articles and organized lectures.

In CR I am specialized in tours of Jewish interest, so I often do the tours to Terezín. I am also very interested in listening to survivors´ stories and that´s why in 1999 we wrote and published with my husband a book Life forbidden about a Czech survivor of 3 camps prof. Felix Kolmer. The best description of my attitude to Terezín tours was expressed by prof. Kolmer in our book in my introduction. But I like to do tours anywhere because I love history, spas, gardens and castles and all the beauties of our country.


I studied Hebrew studies and general history at Charles University in Prague. After graduating I started working as a historian at the Jewish museum in Prague, at Shoah History Department. Later on I also became a tour guide which I do till this day while I work on finishing my PhD studies and raising my two young children. My interest is in European postwar Jewish history.


Martina is a Czech filmmaker whom although born in Prague spent her childhood in London. For two decades, she has guided for Wittmann Tours specializing in the Holocaust.

Martina is well known as the executive producer of the 2002 INTL EMMY AWARD Winning Documentary film “The Power of Good” about Sir Nicholas Winton the British hero who saved 669 Czech Jewish children from the Nazis by bringing the children to England.

Martina is currently working on a new documentary “The Portraits” about the American photographer who portrays the last living survivors of Theresienstadt, where she also guides for Wittmann tours.

Wittmann Tours is the most experienced Jewish tour guide service in Central Europe – providing tours of Jewish Prague, Czech Republic and neighbour countries like Germany or Poland.