Is Chanuka your holiday?

This was a title of a pre-Chanuka event on the main Christmast market in a small Czech town called Chomutov.

The town is situated in Sudetenland, right on the border with Germany. The town has no Jewish Community. All Jews were murdered by German Nazis.

Not only the Municipality welcomed the idea of sharing the winter holy days, but they promoted the event all over the city.

The former church was packed. And there I was explaining the meaning of Chanuka to people, who never had any Jew as a neighbor. People, who for the first time in their life heard about the light of Bejt haMigdash, the light in front of our doors welcoming visitors, the ilumination of our sharing comunities.

We lit candels in our hands creating a human Chanukiah of Jews and Gentiles in a former Church on the main square of a town that at least for 76 years did not hear Maoz cur.

March 19, 2018 | Category: Chomutov, Czech Republic

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