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We are the first and most experienced Jewish Tour Operator in Central Europe, designed by Sylvie Wittmann.

We provide a broad variety of Jewish and non Jewish tours in Prague (Jewish Museum with its synagogues and Jewish cemetery), Czech Republic (Terezin, Cesky Krumlov, Kolin, Trebitch, etc.), Poland (Auschwitz, Krakow) and Germany (Dresden, Berlin).

We arrange for family ceremonies (Bar & Bat Mitzvah and Weddings), lectures and study sessions or family roots assistance.

Sylvie Wittmann

Sylvie Wittmann

Sylvie is a native Czech Jew born and raised under Communism. Surviving both post—holocaust trauma and Communism , she emerged with a strong sense of Jewish history and identity. She made her first steps in tourism in the early 1980s. Sylvie was the first ever to organize tours that focused exclusively on the former Jewish ghetto in Terezín. Read more